4 Winter Roofing Issues to Beware!

4 Winter Roofing Issues to Beware!

While Middle Tennessee is not known for experiencing massive snowstorms, we do receive our fair share of cold weather, ice storms, frigid rain and more. As these weather systems hit our area, our roofs are at risk. Make sure to beware these four common roofing issues this winter season

Ice Dams

When it rains during the winter, and in Middle Tennessee we definitely get rain, that water can pool on your roof. In combination with the frigid temperatures, this rain begins to freeze on your roof. This then becomes an ice dam, which does not allow running water to fall off the roof properly. Instead, the water becomes backed up under the shingles, and can cause extensive leaks in your home!



As a product of ice dams, icicles can cause more problems than you think. In addition to potentially causing physical harm to those below, icicles can cause mold and rot to happen along the edge of a roof. Who knew that frozen water could cause such incredible damage to a roof if not taken care of properly? Also, while you may think it is a good idea to simply knock off the icicles, we advise against that! This action could cause harm to you, those below the roof and the roof itself.


When high-speed winds occur, branches, leaves, dirt and other forms of debris can land on your roof.  If these pieces of debris are not taken care of as quickly and safely as possible, they can rot and cause harm to your roof. Remember to be very careful if venturing up towards your roof. With possibilities of ice, water and other harmful objects in your way, you need to always keep your safety as the first priority.

Build Up of Snow  

While this may not occur as often in Middle Tennessee, crazy snowstorms are certainly possible! When snow builds up on your roof, it adds pressure and weight, thus compromising the integrity and strength of your home.

When any of these conditions occur, call Fessler Home Improvement to take care of your roofing issues.