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Professional Insurance Claims Assistance

In cases of a natural disaster where you need to make an insurance claim following damage to your roof, your friends at Fessler Home Improvement & Construction are here to help you with the entire claims process. Having to live in a home that is damaged or having to stay away temporarily can be a considerable inconvenience. Our knowledgeable team is here to get you back on your feet, safe and sound, as quickly as possible. Our team will perform an initial inspection to determine the extent of damage and potential plans with the best course of action to take.

We know that submitting an insurance claim can be stressful and confusing. We’ll help you understand all the important terms when submitting a claim, including replacement cost, actual cash value, deductibles, depreciation, and more. When an adjustor is assigned to your case, we’ll serve as your personal advocate, ensuring that you’re treated fairly and with the highest level of respect and service.

Our Insurance Assistance Pledge:

  • Perform a thorough inspection documenting with pictures and field measurements
  • Create an estimate for repairs utilizing industry-standard computer software
  • Represent you in the claims process as your chosen contractor
  • Work is based on insurance approval! No approval – no contract.

We’ll ensure your approved insurance gives you the maximum benefit you’re entitled to and that all repair/replacement is performed to the highest standards. We’re proud of our reputation for serving our clients in the insurance claims process, and we’re committed to continuing our tradition with all of our future customers.

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